Thursday, March 28, 2013

Exhibition 'Street' at the MET

Hey folks,
I saw three amazing exhibitions last week at the MET....special highlights of the 'Street' exhibition were James Nares video installation of NYC streets made from a car with a high speed camera that has been slowed down....awesome!! See the image below...people standing in front of the screen. Mesmerizing!

Also a great Eggleston show which is part of 'street' which shows about 35 dye transfer prints from the 70s which are still holding up as excellent.

The second part of the 'Faking it' show from last year is still on display...people who have used photoshop to make their work...awesome!! Kelli Connell, Nancy Davenport, Nancy Bruson et al, are all represented. All good shows. And pay what you will admission fee!

Check out the NYT article about Museums wanting to expand their photography collections here: Its really good.

Still from James Nares NYC piece at the MET. Fabulous!

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