Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Welcome to Photo 2A @ MGSA

Hey Photo peeps,
Welcome to Photo 2A at MGSA. I hope this blog will be an additional useful learning tool for you as you make your way through the course. This course will be accompanying the Sakai site I have set up for the class. I will be posting lots of interesting links, articles, artists several times each week and I expect your participation! There are many ways to participate in this part of the course; You can add to the blog, comment on peoples posts, submit a post about an interesting aspect of photography or practitioner/artist who uses photography in unusual and thought-provoking ways.
Alongside this blog, I will be posting the websites of important galleries, artists and technical sites that will aid in your learning in Photo 2A.
Here's to a great class! (and a wonderful example of Peep Art!)



  1. That's really creative! I just checked out more on google and WOW some people have lots of peeps!!

    I have seen photos where photographers who photograph mold that look like things!

  2. There's some crazy stuff out there. Its interesting what some folks think is a good subject! Are they good? Interesting? Funny? Morbid? Dangerous?

  3. I had no idea this was made of a bunch of peeps. I didn't notice it until I read the last sentence. Haha, thanks for showing us this! I think it's pretty creative and funny. I never would have thought of using peeps besides in Easter baskets.